Conveyancing Services


Although most vendors accept the quoted commission payable to a real estate agent for selling their property as a fait accompli, it never ceases to amaze us how many times we witness the exact same vendors losing money (or their sale completely) and enduring stress due to what was undoubtedly an option to choose a ‘bargain’ or ‘low cost’ legal representative. The same can be said for purchasers who we routinely witness lose money due to the failure of their legal representative to heed the terms of the Contract or to make adequate preparations for settlement. The costs of legal representation are a small fraction of the overall costs of transacting on real estate.

Transacting on property is not a cheap exercise. It is therefore understandable that vendors and purchasers alike are conscious of their expenses throughout the process. Despite this, choosing your legal representative simply because they provided the cheapest quote is inviting disaster, dissatisfaction and financial loss. To achieve cut price conveyancing often requires cutting corners and this is a false economy. At Faid Warringal Conveyancing you can be sure that you have obtained the best possible value for diligent conveyancing services without compromise.


If you want to sell your property you need a Contract and Vendor’s Statement (Section 32). These documents go hand in hand and you cannot sell a property without either. The Contract contains the terms of the sale (price, settlement date etc), while the Section 32 is a statutory disclosure document which contains all pertinent information about the property and its title.

There are a myriad of laws and regulations affecting the sale of land. Our knowledge of these requirements and attention to detail are what will ensure that your paperwork is not only prepared in a timely manner, but will protect your legal interests throughout the transaction. Our legal expertise will enable the transaction to proceed smoothly on the foundation of a watertight Contract and Section 32. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Negligently prepared paperwork can cost you money and will often give a purchaser the legal right to withdraw from the transaction at any point, allowing them a full refund of their deposit.

Our services for a standard sale transaction include:

  • Preparation of Contract/Section 32 (Vendor’s Statement)
  • Preparation of Section 27 Statement (to assist with the release of the deposit to you prior to settlement)
  • Arranging execution of all relevant title documents
  • Liaising with your bank/mortgagee to facilitate the required repayment/reduction of your loan
  • Verification of settlement figures to ensure that you receive all funds to which you are entitled
  • Attendance at settlement (and coordinating the attendance of your bank/mortgagee if relevant)
  • Notification of all relevant authorities that you have sold the property
  • Enforcement of the terms of the Contract to ensure adequate compensation in the case of a settlement delay due to a purchaser’s default

We also specialise in the following ‘non-standard’ aspects of sale transactions:

  • Coordinating your sale with a purchase that is co dependent (i.e. when you need money from your sale in order to be able to pay for your purchase)
  • Off the Plan sales of small (up to 10 lot) developments
  • Liaising with multiple mortgagees and/or caveators
  • Sales resulting from the breakdown of a relationship
  • Execution of documents pursuant to a Power of Attorney
  • Deceased estates and deceased proprietors still listed on title
  • Not in Common Ownership NICO (selling a portion of your property rather than the entire lot)